Let 'Em Ride Classic

Play Classic Let 'Em Ride Online at Bovada

Game Description

If you’re in the mood to cruise, learn to play Let’em Ride poker. In this game, you are dealt three cards face up, while two community cards are dealt face down in front of the dealer. After placing your ante bet, choose whether to raise your original bet (by the same amount) or cruise to the next round without raising. Once you’ve chosen your move, the dealer’s first card is shown and you can once again decide to raise or cruise a little more. At this point the dealer’s second card is revealed and so is your fate. 

Your hand will be judged based on the three cards from your pocket and the two community cards. Get a pair of 10’s or higher while using all five cards and you’ll be cruising your way to victory.


How To Play Let'em Ride 



Hand Rank Standard Payout Description
Royal Flush 1000:1 A, K, Q, J, 10 suited
Straight Flush 200:1 Five cards of same suit in sequence
Four of a Kind 50:1 Four cards of same rank
Full House 11:1 Three of a kind, plus a pair
Flush 8:1 Five cards of same suit
Straight 5:1 Five cards in sequence, mixed suits
Three of a Kind 3:1 Three cards of same rank
Two Pair 2:1 Two pairs of different rank
Pair of 10s or Better 1:1 Two cards of same rank, 10 or higher

Hand Rank


Royal Flush


Straight Flush


Four of a Kind


Full House





Button Descriptions 

  • Bet - Used to place a bet and select the chip value you want to bet.
  • Deal - Used to start the game after you place a wager. You get 3 cards face up and the Dealer gets 2 cards face down.
  • Raise - Used to raise your original bet by the same amount. The dealer’s cards are then revealed and compared to yours to determine a winner.
  • Continue - Once your cards are dealt, click ‘Continue’ which will prevent you from doubling your ante.
  • Progressive Jackpot - An optional side-bet of $1 that makes you eligible for a part of the progressive jackpot. If you get a Flush or higher, you get a payout (see above). If you get a Royal Flush, check out the scrolling Jackpot at the top of the game to see what you win. If you get a Straight Flush, 10% of the jackpot is yours.