Pond of Koi

Pond of Koi

Game Description

A pond brimming with lucky koi await big payouts in a Japanese-inspired slot game complete with intricate graphics and traditional music. Forego paylines in this unique slot that pays out when five or more matching Koi symbols land on any of the reels. In another twist, a free spin meter sits to the left of the reels and increases with every missed spin. Five consecutive missed spins unlock unlimited free spins until a payout is triggered. And with winning line-ups offering up to 500X your bet, the pond is deep with possibilities.  




Free Spins Mode

  • Five consecutive non-winning spins trigger unlimited free spins until a payout is won.                                                          


Additional Information

  • 5 reels
  • Bet $0.02 to $200 per line.
  • When in the game, press the “Help” button at the bottom for more information on the game.