Chicken Little

Chicken Little

Game Description

Take cover because the sky is falling in this cute 3-reel slot. After getting thumped on the head by an acorn, Chicken Little is terrified that the whole sky is crashing down. He rounded up his pheasant friends Henny Penny and Ducky Lucky, and together they’re making a mad dash for safety, dropping coins along the way. Spin the reels to see if you can cash in on this comical situation because if you line up three symbols you can forget the acorns – coins will be showered down on you. 




Wild Multiplier Symbol

The Chicken Little symbol is wild. It will substitute and multiply the winning combination. One Chicken Little symbol will double the payout of any winning combination. Three Chicken Little symbols will trigger the highest payout in this slot, but only when all three coins are in play. 


Additional Information

  • 3 reels, 1 line.
  • Maximum payout is 800.  All three coins must be in play to win the maximum payout.