Only deposited funds may be used to play with a Live Dealer. As such, any play at a Live Dealer table will not count towards the rollover requirement of an active bonus, nor will it earn you points in Bovada Rewards.

Game Description

Blackjack – Live 

Liven up your blackjack sessions by having real people deal the cards. This Live Dealer version of blackjack uses video streaming to capture the action on the felt in real time. Type messages to the dealer and other players; the dealers will speak to you through the camera. The social aspect of this game combined with the sounds of other casino games buzzing in the background replicate the experience of playing blackjack in a land-based casino. Online blackjack has never felt as realistic as it does with Live Dealer.

How to Play Live Blackjack

The live blackjack tables can accommodate up to seven players at once. To find an available seat, check the circular icons. Available seats will say “Seat Open” when you hover your cursor over them. 

Once the game moves into “Place Your Bets” mode, you can wager on any combination of the three betting areas on the board.

•    The top betting area, indicated by an “M,” is for placing your Main bet. 
•    The middle betting area, indicated by a “P,” is for placing a Pairs side bet.
•    The bottom betting area, indicated by an “R,” is for placing a Rummy side bet.

The round will progress to “No More Bets” mode once the dealer draws the first card. 
Two cards are placed in front of you, face up. The dealer also gets two cards; the first card is placed face down on the felt and the second card is placed face up. 

Everyone chooses what action to take, starting with the person in Seat No. 1 and progressing to the person in Seat No. 7. To expediate the process, you can use the “Choose Ahead” feature, or you can wait until your turn to act. These are the actions you may take:

Hit: Bump up your score by Hitting. Another card will be added to your hand.

Stand: Keep your hand as is. This action may be chosen right away or after several Hits.

Double: Put another bet on the table that’s equal to your original; you’ll get one more card dealt to you – then you must Stand.

Split: If your hand comprises two equal-value cards, you can split them into individual hands. This requires another bet.

Surrender: Forfeit your hand and sit out of the round with the Surrender option. You’ll get back half your wager. Surrender isn’t available if the Dealer has Blackjack (Ace and 10-value card).

After everyone is finished acting, the Dealer acts, and then hands are compared. Winning hands are paid even-money. 


Blackjack Side Bets 


When the Dealer’s visible card is an Ace, the Dealer will check to see if the hand is Blackjack. But before she checks, you have the opportunity to take a supplemental bet called Insurance. It costs half your original wager and pays 2:1 when the Dealer does have Blackjack. The result: you break even instead of losing.


The “P” in the middle of the betting area is for the Pairs bet. This bet pays when your initial two-card hand is a pair (two cards of the same rank). Examples of Pairs are 3c,3h, and Kd,Kc. Note: 10c, Qh is not a Pair. The payout for the Pairs side bet is 11:1.


The “R” at the bottom of the betting area is for the Rummy bet. This bet pays when your initial two cards and the Dealer’s up-card complete a Rummy run. There are three types of Rummy hands:

1)    The three cards are of equal rank. (Ks,Kd,Kc)
2)    The three cards are of consecutive rank. (9s,10c,Jh)
3)    The three cards have the same suit. (4h,7h,Jh)

The payout for the Rummy bet is 9:1.


Live Blackjack Rules

•    This version of blackjack uses six decks that are shuffled manually. 
•    Blackjack pays 3:2.
•    If you don’t choose an action within the allotted time limit, an action will be chosen for you according to basic strategy.
•    Split once per round. Split Aces get one more card then must Stand.
•    The Dealer hits on soft 17 hands.
•    Double any two cards – even after a Split.
•    You may play up to three seats per table – some tables restrict players to only two seats.

Tipping the Dealer

Just right of the Main betting area, there is a “T” for tipping the Dealer. Simply tap the “T” to place a tip – the Dealer will thank you in the live feed. There are certain situations where your tip will increase automatically.

•    If you Double your wager, the tip will increase.
•    If you split your hand, the tip will increase.
•    If your hand wins, the tip doubles.


Back Betting Feature with Live Blackjack

Bet on other players’ hands with the back betting function. Keep in mind, you’re simply along for the ride when you back bet, winning or losing along with the player you’re betting behind. If the player decides to Split or Double, you have to put down another bet.

To activate back betting, check the box labeled “Enable Back Betting” located at the bottom right corner of the game screen. Seats that are eligible for back betting will be highlighted with yellow outlines. Keep the betting going by using the Auto Re-bet feature, and as long as the player you’re betting behind is in his seat, you’ll be winning or losing alongside him.

Live Dealer Blackjack Terms of Use

•    Action is void and bets are returned in the event of a misdeal or a technical problem.
•    If you lose connection after choosing an action, your bet will be left as you decided.
•    Each hand must be played within the allotted timeframe. Failure to do so results in the game automatically playing your hand according to basic strategy.
•    Back bettors who do not like the decision made by the player they’re backing do not get a refund. You must stand by the player’s decisions.
•    Live Blackjack is for recreational players only. Card counters are prohibited from playing.