The following are some of the most frequently asked questions at Bovada Casino about our online Video Poker games. Is Video Poker the same as a slot machine?No. Video Poker is a game of strategy while a slot machine is a game involving pure luck. Video Poker simulates the use of a standard deck of cards for each hand and you can make an educated decision on which cards to retain and which to discard.Which Video Poker games are the best to play?If you're playing just for fun, you can enjoy any online Video Poker game, of course. That said, you should focus on the games that you can play best. Bovada's online Video Poker games all use the same basic formula. Every hand receives its own deck of cards and the odds are the same to make the basic winning hands. Some games offer variations in which a larger payout is made for certain hands, making them more appealing to some players.What kind of strategy should I employ?You should look at each hand you are dealt and consider the best hold/discard options. For instance, if you have four cards in the same suit, you will want to keep those and discard the last card, even if it makes a winning pair with one card. Why? Because a flush pays off much better than a pair overall, even if the odds of making a flush are lower. This is especially true when you are playing 52 or 100 hand games.Why should I Bet Max? I don't want to spend very much.When you bet max, you can make a much greater payback percentage on the best winning hand – a royal flush – in some of our Video Poker games. If you hit a royal flush in our Joker Poker game, for example, you'll receive 250 times your initial bet back. When you bet max, you could see a lot more in the way of winnings. Remember, bankroll management is important. You can also bet as low as $.05 per hand when you don’t pick Bet Max, meaning that a little can go a long way.